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Souplantation Overview

40 years of foundation,
San Diego as office of operation,
Founded with dream and passion,
We serve salads, soups with nutrition
Pasta, desserts that bring optimism.
Lunch and dinner, you experience
Fresh, healthy food and balance.
Also salad condiments
Themes of Greek, Italian, Asian types and more
That all are affordable.

     As perfect as it sounds, Souplantation offers a wide-ranging of salads, desserts, pasta and beverage that are 100% fresh and healthy guaranted. We serve from-farm-to-table meals that fresh up your day, that as delicous and enjoyable as you make at home, that bring joy, health and love. The locals produce high quality, fresh vegetables and fruits, rushing it to our kitchens within hours of harvest. With 97 restaurants and millions of guests, we have grown up, been stronger and recommended by diners. What’s more makes us different? Scratch is always our main ingredient. Our cooks passionately serve you the best from scratch.  You will feel the fresh, the original and the natural flavors when all are hand-chopped and house-made. How better could it be? Everything we offer is mouth-watering and eye-opening.
    What do you have to do to get fresh home-made meals? Obviously, go to market, pick up ingredient and be a cook. Would people love it? Are you a good cook? If not, all you need to do is walk in our door.  It’s our honor to please you and your beloved ones.
     Insanely , Souplantation always offers promo and discount to only satisfy your appetite but also save your budget. Keep up-to-date with Souplantation coupon codes and discounts, Souplantation promo codes and many more great offers on Don’t Pay All.

How to use coupon

   Step 1: Get coupon code and deal information on Dontpayall.

   Step 2: Walk in Souplantation door, order the set that coupon displays

   Step 3: Use the coupon code ( could be printed ones) at checkout

Tips and tricks

    Souplantation is all-you-can-eat buffet style that offers everything you want. We are sure you can eat as much as you can without worrying about anything like too much calories. It’s just fresh. Here’s some tricks that will insanely amaze you.

Absolutely! Just simply grab all the pastas you like, add some salad condiments in salad bar. Oh guess what? Even if you want to have them with soup. Now it’s time to mix them together. Gorgeous! Enjoy it.

  Vallina Bacon Cone
Admit it! Americans are obsessed with bacon. Bacon is everywhere. Then why not try a Vallina Bacon Cone? Why not combine Vallina and Bacon which are always available at Souplantation ? It’s beyond delicous.


  1. 2% Milk with Soft-Serve and Chocolate Syrup
  2. Hi-C Fruit Punch or Strawberry Lemonade with Sprite

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Souplantation with 97 restaurants serving Greek, Italian, Asian and many more types of salad, pasta, desserts and salad conmidents will definitely blow your mind, fresh your day and shape a healthy and well-balanced life. With Souplantation coupon codes and discounts up to 50% , you have 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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